Friday, June 28, 2013

Bugs And Sitting Upon Things Cats And Some Sunflowers

This was the view I had the other day when I was sitting at the computer desk working on some stuff and using the paper cutter.

Only it's difficult to use the paper cutter when there is a sit upon things cat sitting upon it. With her rear end in your face.

I almost sat on a bug because I thought it was a leaf. I tried to scoot the bug off of the chair and it dug in it's claws or feet or whatever it is that bugs have on the ends of their legs and WOULD NOT MOVE. Can you imagine being a little leaf bug just sitting on a chair minding your own business and than seeing this extremely large posterior headed your way, blocking out all sunlight, and IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD BUG!

See how it's leg is all bent in the first picture? That is his digging in and I'm not moving because I was here first let's get ready to rumble pose.

And, we have sunflowers! Totally accidental sunflowers. We had noticed all of these little seedlings coming up in the pile of dirt that is sort of supposed to be a compost pile in the side yard, dirt that Keith had used some of in making new planter boxes on the side of the house. So, all of these little seedlings are coming up in the planter boxes and the compost pile and while we pulled them out of the planter boxes, decided to leave them in the compost pile to see what they were because we did have suspicions that they might be sunflowers. I think they came from the bird feeder seed, but how they got across the yard from the bird feeder I'm not sure. Birds carrying them around, I suppose,

So, here is the compost dirt with small sunflowers since we didn't thin them out.

And, please disregard the sorry state of our side yard, trash cans and all. If you look closely you can see Bear's rear end there in the back of the picture. These two sunflowers started growing in the middle of the pathway, the one on the left actually starts under the brick and curved itself up to get the sun.

In other happenings, Joe came over last night to help Keith figure out the computer system for work, something that was frustrating the heck out of him. I asked Joe more about the pay scales, because Keith's trainer is filling their heads with huge pay figures, and it's a little misleading, the big pay doesn't come for quite some time and depends on a lot of different factors. But, Keith still should be making a little more than he used to but not twice as much like we were being told. Anyway, he starts training outside of the classroom next week, with yard jobs and the start of the weird hours. He had forgotten that next week was the 4th of July and he's like oh yeah, I have to work on holidays now. Not that we ever did anything special on the 4th, it was just a day off.

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lynney62 said...

I absolutely love the way you write your blog! It always makes me laugh! And just have to say that Mimi has the cutest catface ever! Thanks for writing! And long live the little green bug!! LOL!