Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Great Lunch

Keith is home today waiting for a call to get on a train and go somewhere. His day went okay yesterday, they caught a train that needed a crew change out below the Tehachapi Loop, then sat in said train for quite a few hours before they could get on the tracks and take it into the yard. He got home around 4 pm so it was actually a short day for them.

I did some research and found lots of supplements that can help with stress, and ended up getting him some B complex vitamins, green tea extract, and some valerian if he needs help sleeping. He said he felt a little less stressed today and did take the B complex, so we will see if he can get that panic thing under control.

Anyway, he's home so I suggested we go out for lunch since I had already fixed him pancakes for breakfast and really didn't feel like trying to come  up with something for lunch, too. He didn't want to eat a fast food/sandwich shop kind of lunch, and didn't want Mexican in case the spiciness/heaviness upset his stomach later, so we went over to Coco's which usually has pretty good food.

Maybe it's just me and my tastebuds that for the past few years don't seem to be working all that well, but lunch just didn't taste very good. I ordered the tuna melt, which traditionally is tuna and cheese all toasted together in a skillet like a grilled cheese, where the tuna gets warm and the cheese melts into it, but my sandwich was like two pieces of toast with halfway melted cheese and a scoop of cold tuna salad stuck in there as an afterthought. Very disappointing when you are expecting warm tuna and melted cheese and end up with cold tuna and cheese barely melted around the edges.

Keith got fish and chips, and really you can't mess up fish and chips, so his lunch was okay I guess. I brought half of the sandwich home, thinking he might eat it later, but I'm sure it will sit in the fridge all week and then get thrown away on trash day.

We should have just gone to one of the many sandwich shops and saved about half the cost of the Coco's lunch (plus tip). I suppose I could have sent the sandwich back, but I'm not that type of restaurant patron, I just grin and eat it. Oh, well...

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