Friday, June 7, 2013

Bugs and Cats and Stuff

I woke up to some cranky cats this morning, snarling and hungry and in general being very disagreeable (Buddy, I'm talking about YOU) so I fed them and then opened up the back door to let them run off some of that I've been stuck in the house too long energy.

If you see your cat (Buddy, I'm talking about YOU again) staring at the molding around the back sliding door, cocking its head quizzically and staring some more, by all means go investigate and see what they are looking at. Could be frogs like that one time they brought one in. Fortunately it was not a frog this time but rather a line of ants going up the molding and across the plastic thing that 'hides' the top of your window blinds. Where they were going I don't know, because I don't think there is anything to eat on top of the window blinds, but out came the ant spray and away went the ants.

And then there is the whole cockroach thing. We DO NOT have cockroaches in the house, but we do have them in the yard. In every yard in Bakersfield, actually. And they like to get into the garage where Buddy (He's always the troublemaker) finds them and brings them into the house to play with them, GROSS. Well, I've been letting the cats into my room at night instead of shutting the door on them and for the most part they have been pretty well behaved but this morning I find a thankfully dead cockroach in the middle of my floor, GROSS.

And here is Mimi sitting on and in things again. I had just put this empty box on the shelf under my workbench, and of course she found it right away and it's just the right size for a Mimi cat, sort of.

I had also bought some paper earlier in the day and it was still in its bag on top of a box that was on top of the bed and hey! a bag of paper is the perfect thing to sit upon! Yay!

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