Monday, June 3, 2013

Sleeping Bear

She is a pro at it after all. She has claimed the big center box in the cat condo in the bedroom for her own, probably because she is too fat for the smaller bottom box and Mimi is usually in that one anyway. Harri always takes the top platform, as you can tell when you stand on a stepstool to look at the surface of it, there is an incredibly large amount of black cat hair on it. Buddy likes the next platform down sometimes. Pepper prefers the floor next to the cat condo.

Anyway, the way Bear was sleeping in her box today was rather interesting, on her back with her front paws hanging out the little window and her head somewhere under her arms.

All of the cats seem to be extra lazy today, maybe they are still recovering from the many hours they spent outside yesterday. Keith was working in the backyard all day on another totally unnecessary addition to the patio project (while my laundry rooms doors are STILL not up) and so he let the cats roam. Most of them came inside after a few hours, it was getting quite hot out there, but Buddy decided he really likes the outdoor life and stayed out most of the day. He jumped into the shed through Genie's enter/exit window and found her box and blankets on the shelf and thought Hey, this is a cool hideout in here! Genie was nowhere to be seen, usually she will hide in her basket when the other cats are out there, but she found somewhere else to hide yesterday.

I have not let them out today, I think we will try to keep outdoor activities as a treat when Keith is home on the weekends. Both Pepper and Harri like to roll around in the dirt out there and come back in totally filthy. Harri likes to be brushed but Pepper will only put up with it for a few minutes.

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