Friday, May 17, 2013

Cat Fight!

Well, this morning one bad apple (Buddy) spoiled it for the whole bunch. Our experiment in letting the cats out for an hour or so in the mornings has come to a yowling end. No more, kids, cause you can't behave yourselves.

It all started when I reached out the door to put Genie's food on the back porch for her and Harri went right past my arm and right past Genie to get to some grass. Genie was so hungry that she didn't even notice Harri at first, but then quickly went to hide behind her basket after seeing Harri out there. I went out and put Genie, her basket, and food up onto the patio table so she could feel a little safer, and then let the rest of the cats join Harri outside. Keith is making his breakfast and I'm at the computer (where else) checking my email and all of a sudden I hear cats hissing and yowling and run to the back door just in time to see Buddy chasing Genie across the yard. The rest of the cats are all panicked and trying to get back inside except for Pepper who is also hissing even though she isn't anywhere near the fight. Keith runs out to try and rescue Genie, who is now nowhere to be seen and I hope she hasn't jumped up on the fence in panic, never mind that she's never figured out that she could climb that fence if she wanted to.

Buddy has all kinds of fur hanging from his mouth, so he obviously got in a few bites and now he is in BIG TROUBLE, MISTER! and after he finally calms down a little and comes back inside and Pepper calms down a little and also finally comes back inside, we go out to check on Genie who has jumped up onto her cat condo stand and in through the window into the safety of her shed. Where I think she is probably still hiding here an hour or so later.

So, no more going outside kids, it's not fair to Genie to be attacked in  her own territory and no matter how much you whine, you're going to have to stay inside!

In other news, Keith's test and interview with BNSF yesterday up in Fresno went well. There were 54 candidates there, minus a few who didn't make it to the door before they closed it at 7 am, and if you are late, tough luck, you are done. Then after the speech about how if you do drugs might as well leave now a few other people were eliminated. It boggles my mind that druggies read the paperwork that BNSF sends to you that specifically says they do a hair test for drugs but they still show up thinking they can get away with bringing fake pee or whatever. Then there are the ones who come in shorts and flip flops for their interview. The ones that were left all took the written test and about 15 more people were eliminated when they didn't pass, and then on to interviews and waiting in line to get your hair clipped for the drug test. Keith said there were quite a few ex-military men, who of course will get preference simply because they are military men and are used to strange hours and following rules and after all they did spend a part of their lives risking that life every day in Afghanistan or wherever. I don't begrudge them getting preference at all, so many of them come home to a lack of opportunity and jobs.

Anyway, if they want an old guy like Keith, they will let him know in a few weeks, and if not, then he gave it his best shot. We're thinking that the way things have gone lately, both railroads will call him on the same day and then he'll have to decide which one to go with. Or, neither one will call. We just have to be patient and wait and see.

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