Thursday, May 16, 2013

One Of The Bad Things

About getting older is that your stomach just can't take it anymore.

When you are young, you can eat just about anything you want and never have a problem with digesting it. Coffee, greasy hamburgers, french fries, whatever, you can eat it and no problems, digest away! But, besides the possibility of getting really fat, not being so careful about what you eat will catch up with you someday.

That someday is here for me. I've come to the conclusion that I just might have irritable bowel syndrome, something that affects everyone a little differently, but whatever your symptoms, that irritable bowel makes the rest of you really irritable too. I was absolutely miserable all day yesterday, with my stomach hurting and many trips to the bathroom and finally in mid afternoon I just gave up and put my pajamas on for the rest of the day because my pants were bothering my poor stomach.

I may have to give up coffee (AGH NOT THAT!!!) among other things. Not only am I supposed to eat low carb and full of fiber for my diverticulitis, but no coffee? The horror!

I did have some coffee this morning but only made half a pot and now I'm drinking water. I'm absolutely starving but kind of afraid to eat. A banana sounds really good and soothing about now, but we don't have any bananas, so I guess I will make a trip to the store here real soon. I've done a little research on what to eat to sooth the cranky bowel and will do a little more today. Then I'll try and combine the low carb high fiber but only certain kinds of fiber (nothing too harsh and gassy like broccoli, which I don't like anyway, so that works) and see if we can't get things quieted down so I feel better.

Now, have you ever worked for someone that just seems to take a dislike to you and tries really hard to find fault with everything that you do? I'm sure all of us have at some time during our lives had to deal with someone like this who is in a position of power and enjoys making your life miserable and wants to get rid of you but doesn't really have grounds to fire you. So, they just pick and pick at you in the hopes that you will get fed up and quit.

Keith is dealing with just such a person at his new job (that he really doesn't like if I haven't mentioned that before) and he is just not enjoying being there. At all. The shop foreman seems to go out of his way to criticize and nitpick and just make him totally frustrated each and every day. I suggested doing the sticking your fingers in your ears and going la la la la la but I don't think that would go over very well. Either that or just doing the Peanuts teacher sound in your head while the boss is talking, whua WHUA whua WHUA whua. Or, do like one of his coworkers who also hates the boss does and just turn your hearing aids off.

Anyway, he is not liking his job and is in pursuit of something else and that something else may come to be in the next few weeks. He interviewed with the local short line railroad for a track maintenance job on Tuesday and today he is up in Fresno testing and if he passes the test, which he should since he's taken it a few times now and passed before, interviewing for a conductor position with BNSF. So, hopefully one or the other of these jobs will come through for him.

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