Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mud Pie and a Comedy of Errors

Yesterday I rode over to my most favorite store in the world, the Goodwill bookstore where I spent the exorbitant amount of $5.85 on a few books and a couple of those little cookbooks that I'm so drawn to regardless of the fact that I really don't like to cook. The Goodwill has hundreds of these little cookbooks, you know, the ones at the grocery store checkout that come out every month with promises of easy and delicious recipes. The ones that cost $3.95 at the grocery store but only 25c at the Goodwill.

Anyway, one of the cookbooks was sponsored by whoever makes Oreo cookies and there was a recipe for Oreo cookie mud pie that looked so good and stayed on my mind until after dinner when I couldn't stand it anymore and decided that we really needed an Oreo cookie mud pie for dessert.

Instead of driving over to Target to get the ingredients for the mud pie I decided to just bike over since it's summer time and still light out after dinner, and biking over to Target is actually so much easier than driving, no looking for a parking spot and all, you just lock your bike up at the convenient bike rack right outside the door. I get the Oreo cookies, a pint of chocolate ice cream and a pint of coffee ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and whipped cream, which I can do without but Keith likes, and the total for the ingredients comes to almost $13.00. I probably could have just bought a frozen mud pie for about half that price and wouldn't have had to put the mud pie together, but that is beside the point. Next time I want mud pie, I will just buy one though.

As I'm riding up to lock up my bike I see a woman coming out of Target with her shopping cart full of stuff and she is talking on her cell phone, not noticing that the big package of paper towels that were on the rack thing under the cart had fallen off and were being pushed along by the wheels of her cart. As she turns her cart to go down the row of cars, the paper towels get left behind in the middle of the street where a pedestrian calls out to her about the paper towels laying there. She is still on her phone (of course) and leaves her shopping cart to go get the towels and her shopping cart starts rolling towards a parked truck. Moments before the cart smashed into the shiny red truck the helpful pedestrian grabs it and stops it. The woman is still talking on her phone.

I had to laugh, and you probably had to be there to think it was funny, but hey folks, is that phone call really all that important, important enough to embarrass yourself in front of a parking lot full of people?

Now, the mud pie was actually not that much fun to make and certainly didn't look like the picture in the cookbook, so next time I will definitely just buy one ready made, or just eat the ice cream out of a bowl (or the container) maybe adding a few oreo cookies and fudge sauce for fake mud pie.

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