Saturday, April 13, 2013

So What Do You Do?

When you wake up way too early on a Saturday morning and your husband is still sleeping and you want to check the internet but don't want to disturb him? You feed the cats their wet food, Keith already having been woken up by them about 4:30 or so and has given them dry food then stumbled back to bed. Then you get your coffee and go to the couch where you read your book and pet Bear, who loves it when you sit on the couch because then it's so convenient for a petting opportunity. You are watching the clock as you read and around 6:30 decide it's not to early to stealthily creep into the bedroom to turn the computer on because it's kind of an addiction and checking email after feeding cats and getting coffee has become such a habit that you just can't function without doing it.

But the internet is not connecting and you can't check your email! Oh, the horror!

This happened a few months ago and the modem needed to be rebooted (or whatever) and reconnected with a new password (or whatever it was we did) and of course I can't remember how to get to the AT&T page where you can do all that, not that I'd even remember what to do if I could figure out how to get there.

So, Keith is still sleeping and I don't want to be calling AT&T while he is still sleeping, so back to my couch and coffee and Bear, where I will not so patiently wait for him to get up.

I do start his traveling laundry, of which there is quite a lot, and maybe the sound of the washer will wake him up, but of course it doesn't. So, I decide to clean out my bathroom cabinets and drawer, something that I've been meaning to do for a long time, but you know how that goes. The bathroom may look clean and organized on the outside, but don't open that drawer. Out of sight out of mind so to speak.

So, bathroom all cleaned out and junk I don't use thrown away, and let's try the internet again to see if it has magically come back, which of course it hasn't.

He finally wakes up and the first thing he says is Hey, the computer says we aren't connecting to the internet, and I'm like, yes I am aware of that and was waiting for you to get up so I can call them and get our internet back.

Which I do, getting the automated guy first who gives me an address to type in the search bar that doesn't bring up anything, so finally I get a real person who gives me a different address to type in the search bar that brings up the correct page and we get the internet back and by then I'm having withdrawal fits and how in the world did we ever get along before the internet was invented, anyway?

The world would probably end if  the internet did because people just wouldn't be able to handle it.

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Mom said...

I'm almost as bad about the internet, wanting to check my e-mail (not that I usually get much important stuff) and then look at the news stuff, and then go look at eaglenest sites.....very important to check on how the baby eaglets are doing, of course!