Monday, April 15, 2013

Funny Cats and a Crap Looking Couch

This weekend Keith was (finally) shoveling holes in the side yard and planting some of the shrubs that we got two weekends ago (finally). Lucy likes to lay in the side yard, either right by one of the trash cans, or in the coils of the garden hose, or in her box that we keep out there, or just laying in the dirt. Comfy. The only problem is that she is perfectly colored to blend in with the dirt and leaves and such, her being a tortoise shell brown and rust colored cat. So, you kind of have to watch your step.

I was using the Webster to knock down some of the spiderwebs and such that always hang from the eaves, and then was using the hose to wash down the garage door and front walls of the house. I was just finishing up and I hear the ice cream truck coming through the neighborhood and then I see Lucy come running out through the gate to the side yard, onto the front patio, and then stopped and was looking out onto the street. Like she heard the ice cream truck and was running out to meet it.

I guess you had to be there, but it really struck me as funny, she was just like a kid in summertime, clutching that dollar bill and peering down the street in anticipation of the ice cream truck coming around the corner.

Now for our crap couch. It's a comfortable couch, Keith just loves the recliner part of it, but as far as aesthetics go, it really is not all that attractive. The cats have scratched at it and gotten it dirty by laying on it, and in the summer the fabric that it is made out of is just too warm to be sitting on for very long. I thought about getting some sheets or something we could put down before we sit in an attempt to stay cooler, and then I remembered that you can buy slipcovers for your furniture. So, maybe a slipcover made out of a woven fabric rather than a knit or microfiber would help keep us cooler this summer while we are being lazy and sitting around on the couch.

I had to go to Target yesterday to get toilet paper so went down to the home stuff department, and looked at the slipcovers to get an idea of price. Well, one of them was marked at less than $20 while all the rest of them were $60. The one that was way cheaper is an olive green color, while a tan color of the same style was the higher price, so I'm thinking that the olive green is not a big seller and they are trying to get rid of them. So, for less than $20 I'm thinking that we will try out the olive green slipcover on our couch and see how well it works.

Not all that well, because our couch has the tall recliner back on it so of course the slipcover doesn't fit properly and looks kind of crappy. But it is more comfortable and was cooler to sit on last night. I just don't like it, though. It really is kind of ugly but until I can do a little research and see how much a custom slipcover would cost, I will put up with the ugliness in order to not be sweating while being lazy.

It's all wrinkled of course because we sat on it last night, but I did iron it before putting it on the couch, which was quite a job in itself. Part of it was laying on the floor while I was ironing and of course Pepper thought it was there for a cat bed and plopped herself down right in the middle of it and was not pleased when I made her move.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Hey lady! ♥ Just stopped by to say hi, and see how things are for you these days... Same old same old over here.

I've been thinking about a slip cover for our couch as well but haven't ever known anyone to buy one that actually fits. Let me know how it goes if you do the custom fit kind, I would love to know if it's worth it!

Happy spring! xo!