Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Duh Moment

And it's not even my duh, it should be an entire state's duh.

California prisons are incredibly overcrowded and have been incredibly overcrowded for a long time, maybe because we have lots of assholes in California, I don't know, but the powers that be decided that a good way to relieve the overcrowding would be to release non violent offenders early and/or to reduce time served to just a few days. It's called the Lindsay Lohan solution.

Now, you would think that all of these criminals being released early could become somewhat of a problem, being that there are no jobs for law abiding people much less jobs for career assholes, so what are all of these offenders supposed to do for money? You guessed it, rob people's houses. Or steal their cars or mug them on the streets or whatever they can think of, resulting in a huge increase in crime in Kern County. Duh. I repeat. DUH.

I don't know what the solution is other than building more prisons, and where is the money for that supposed to come from, but having more crime on the streets and having to hire more police officers to handle the increased crime, and more court cases seems to me to cost way more than a prison would.


I'm not a big reality TV show watcher, but I do have a strange compulsion to watch Wife Swap which just started a new season a few weeks ago. I think people like to watch that show so that their own lives seem much more normal and they can feel a little superior about their parenting skills. Last nights show was pretty good, a very strict follow all my rules and keep the house incredibly clean mom goes to a 'radical unschooler' family, a family that has no rules and lets the kids stay up all night and doesn't send them to school and doesn't even homeschool them, their philosophy is that kids will learn just by osmosis, I guess. Unschooling works so well that their 11 year old daughter can't even read the words on the washing machine.

Keith is coming home today, he should be here sometime this afternoon. The job went well and I think he enjoyed being out in the field instead of stuck in the shop, but he is like me and doesn't sleep well in a strange place so I'm sure he will be glad to be back in his own bed tonight, even if he does have to share it with a few cats. He did get to eat dinner out each night, something that I would love to be able to do for a week or so, and he got a nice vacation from my cooking. I still had to make my food, though, so not as much of a vacation for me.

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