Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On The Road Again

Just can't wait to get on the road again...

Yesterday I had been running some errands on the bike in the morning, it was kind of chilly and windy but since Keith put more air in my tires after the one day where I thought bike riding shouldn't be so hard and is it just me or do the tires need more air it wasn't too hard to ride despite the chilly wind. The chilly wind that knocked a small branch out of the tree the night before and totally freaked Lucy out. The wind is supposed to stop today and it will be almost 90 this weekend.

Anyway, I was considering riding over to get a sandwich or something for lunch because there was nothing much to make lunch out of around here and the phone rings and it's Keith asking me to pack a bag for him because they are sending him to San Ardo. Right now. His boss had called him into the office with the same dire 'I need to talk with you' like last time he went on the road and tells him 'We have an issue here' so of course Keith thinks he is getting fired, but the issue is that the guy that works the San Ardo area needs to take his truck in for service and they need another truck driven out there for him to use for a few days. Keith will stay out there and ride along with the San Ardo guy and help him out. We thought the San Ardo guy actually lives in San Ardo, but after Keith got there and finds that he is staying in the same hotel as him (whose name is actually Matt, not the San Ardo guy) he is told that Matt actually lives in Taft and drives to San Ardo where he stays during the week. Not actually in San Ardo though, but a motel in Paso Robles. So, long story short, Keith is away for a few days this week and is supposed to go away with the other traveling guy, Joey, to Modesto next week.

He has a hard time sleeping away, but the daily allowance they give the traveling guys is quite generous, at $75.00 a day, and if you don't spend it all on food, you get to keep what's left. McDonald's anyone?

If he keeps traveling we should save quite a bit of money on food, I'm perfectly happy eating simple meals for myself and really happy that I don't have to come up with dinner for him while he's gone, not to mention lunch fixings for the week.

Now, we have a problem with gnats around here. Every spring we get these tiny little black fly things that congregate near the bathroom sink and also end up in the kitchen on the stove because of the stove night light that we leave on each night. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out where these gnats were coming from and Keith said that he thinks they come out of the overflow sink drain. Why gnats would come out of a sink drain I don't know, but they do like the bathroom sink, so maybe that is where they are coming from.

How to get rid of them?

I tried pouring some bleach into the overflow drain which is quite a feat and made a mess and didn't work, so the mother of invention tapped me on the head and said why not block off the overflow drain since you don't ever use the sink plug to fill up the basin so there is not much need for the overflow drain? Duh. So, I taped some packing tape over the overflow drain, and whaddya know, little gnats trying to escape the drain get stuck to the tape. Kind of like one of those sticky fly traps. And just about as gross.

But, it seems to work for now and I'm not standing there brushing my teeth waving at gnats that are flying around the bathroom.

It could be worse, we could have an infestation of those giant African land snails like they are having in Florida right now, giant snails that are as big as rats and like to eat your stucco house. Giant snails that leave giant snail tracks all over the place. Ugh.

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