Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home Alone

Yesterday Keith went off to work and then about three hours later came home again. I was like WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GET FIRED!?! and he says no, he has to go to Santa Clara to help fix a pump and will be gone all week. And I'm thinking Santa Clarita and why are they putting you up in a hotel when it's only an hour or so down the road? But, no, it's Santa CLARA, which is up in the bay area in case you don't know which we didn't so we had to google it.

They haven't sent Keith out in the field yet because supposedly you have to complete your 90 days probationary period before you go out in the field or even get company uniforms for that matter. But, apparently they had nobody else to send and it's a two man job, so there you go. Desperation always wins.

So, he gets enough stuff for the week all packed up and we go cash the per diem check that he was given, which is kind of cool because he doesn't have to use his own money and then get reimbursed like so many other companies, and they give them $75.00 a day, which means they can get steak dinners each night if  they want. I drive him back to the shop where they are getting a work truck all rigged out for the trip and off he went.

He said he thought he was getting fired, too, when they came up to him and said they needed to talk to him. Uh oh.

It was a little strange last night being here by myself but also kind of nice and I don't have to cook dinner all week. Yay! Well, I still have to fix myself something but when it's just for me it tends to be much simpler than trying to put a nutritious but also edible meal on the table each night.

I went to the grocery store early Sunday morning, and also did that by myself. When Keith goes with me it ends up taking twice as long to shop and costs twice as much as I'd planned. Since he hasn't spent half his life shopping for groceries because someone else usually did it for him, he has fun shopping for food, browsing the aisles and reading labels, while I'm not so patiently waiting for him to hurry up already I'd like to get the hell out of here. Tapping my foot and gritting my teeth.

And, speaking of taking too long, he was supposed to be planting our new shrubs on Sunday and finishing up the patio (still!) and he kept getting so distracted that absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING got done. A couple of different things got started, but nothing got finished. Sigh.

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