Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Well, if you want fun for the whole family, you can drive up to the Kern County Fairgrounds this weekend and go to the Gun and Knife Show! It's only $9.00 admission and kids under 13 get in free! Sounds like a great outing for all the kiddies, doesn't it?

I just heard about it on the radio and really should mark my calendar now!

I was taking a shower last night and was getting my pajamas on and Pepper started acting all weird and running to the front door, Buddy was at the front window, so I look out to see what's going on and see the black and white pest of a cat about a foot away from Lucy, both staring at each other, so I tap on the window to scare black and white cat off, and then go out to check on Lucy and make sure she is okay. She is okay, but her water dish has been knocked over and there is a puddle of water on the porch and a bunch of tufts of white cat hair, so I'm guessing that while I was in the shower there was quite the cat fight going on out there, with the white cat getting the worst of it from the black and white cat. Lucy didn't seem to have been involved in the altercation.

We got our tax refund from the state yesterday so I did a little shopping. I really needed some new clothes for spring and summer, my last years summer clothes being kind of nasty looking and worn out after sweating in them all summer. So, I went a little overboard at Dress Barn, where the clothes are a little more expensive but also much better quality than what I can get at Walmart. Not to mention much more stylish. I had never heard of or shopped at a Dress Barn before moving up here, where we have one quite conveniently located just around the corner next to Target. The name sounds like the clothes might be kind of down home midwest lets go out and feed the chickens, but they have very nice looking clothes in both plus and regular sizes. Lots and lots of nice looking clothes, which is one of the reasons for spending a little too much, but I won't need to buy anything else until winter.

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