Friday, April 5, 2013

Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed

I just went out to the front porch and looked up into the tree to see if Lucy was on her little sleeping perch that Keith built for her (along with steps on the tree trunk to get up there) and there was a cat sound asleep but it wasn't Lucy. It was the pest of the neighborhood, the black and white cat that constantly comes over to eat our cat's food and in general annoy the heck out of them. The same cat that figured out how to get into Genie's shed and into her bed.

So, I say HEY and the cat wakes up in a total panic and tries to jump onto the roof of the house but fails, and what a big fail it was, with the cat tumbling to the ground and landing with a thud and then running off down the street. Apparently not hurt by the thud because it ran away FAST. Then I see Lucy looking over the side yard fence like what's going on out here?

So, what else is going on around here? Keith is almost done with his third week of work at a job that he feels overpaid for (good!) and doesn't really like (bad). When he used to fix pumps it was tear this thing apart and put it back together with new parts, but this job has loads of paperwork involved and you have to document every move you make along with pictures, and measure everything carefully, and he is finding all that quite the headache. They also want to train someone to be on call 24 hours a day seven days a week every other month to travel to fix things and he doesn't think he wants to do that. However, at this point he doesn't have much choice and will kind of have to do whatever they want him to do because there aren't many other jobs out there that will pay him as much and it will still be a job where he would have to fix broken things.

I'm trying to be patient with him and sympathize with him having to do a difficult job and not the job he really wanted, but it gets a little frustrating sometimes.

We are planning to work in the yard this weekend, getting the flowers and shrubs that we bought last weekend into the ground and getting more of the weeds that grow like weeds out there cleaned up. The side yard on the side of the house that we walk through got weed whacked so it looks a little better, but there is still a half finished walkway to the patio and another side yard full of wood and weeds out there.

I think Keith has a little hoarding tendencies when it comes to wood. He was talking about some 2x4s at work that they cut up to use for blocks and how he'd like to ask if he could have some of it and I reminded him about the side yard and garage that are both full of pieces of wood for 'future' building projects that have been sitting there for years. And years. And no, he doesn't need to bring more pieces home.

So, we will see how far we get and hopefully the sun will come out because it's a little chilly  here today. Although I shouldn't complain about it because in a few more months I'll be complaining about how hot it is.

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