Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Hate Foods Co!

Yesterday I went over to Foods Co, the nearby 'warehouse' discount grocery store, the store that usually smells like body odor, just to get some of the Kroger brand shredded cheese so we can have some cheese on our tacos this week. I really don't like shopping at Foods Co but the Kroger brand shredded cheese is for some reason the best tasting cheese I've ever gotten anywhere. Way better than Kraft (ugh) and way better than any other store brand I've tasted. They make a casserole blend of shredded cheese that I could just eat right out of the bag, forget the casserole.

Anyway, I get my cheese and a couple of other things and as I'm coming up to the front checkouts I'm relieved to see nobody in line and two checkouts actually open. So, I go down another aisle to get one more thing and in the space of those few seconds, every other person in the store all comes up to the checkouts at the same time. Like moths to a flame. It was weird. And annoying. And of course they don't have any express lanes open, which they never do, and of course every other shopper in the store has baskets full of stuff and it's going to be a long wait.

There have been times that I've just abandoned my little hand basket with my few things at Foods Co, but I really wanted the cheese because tacos and burritos are mainstays of our cheap eats these days. So, I waited. They finally opened a few more checkouts but of course people with baskets full of stuff beat me to them.

Lesson learned, stock up on bags and bags of shredded cheese at Foods Co so I only have to do this once a month or so.

Also, you may have seen in the news that Bakersfield is not only the fattest, dumbest, and most polluted city in the country, we also let old ladies die because we don't do CPR. The story about the Glenwood Gardens senior living center and the lady that collapsed in the dining room and the employees that are not allowed to do CPR has been all over the national news and Yahoo and listening to the 911 tapes is pretty rough stuff. Despite the fact that CPR probably woudn't have saved her life anyway, I find it hard to imagine refusing to try it when a dispatcher is begging you to find someone, anyone, to start CPR.

Now, Glenwood Gardens is not some rat infested low income sort of dump, it's a very nice facility in the rich part of town, and if you don't have a few thousand dollars to give them every month, you aren't going to be living there. It's not a story of elder abuse where seniors are warehoused and left to rot in wheelchairs, it's a high end kind of place, but if you want to live there just keep in mind that they don't do CPR. It's in their policy to just wait for the ambulance. However, they will probably change their policies after all the nationwide bad publicity.

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