Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday I was reaching up to the top shelf in the pantry, the top shelf that is totally useless for the average height woman, the top shelf that you usually need to drag out the stepstool to get to, reaching up to get a glass bottle of red wine for cooking, too lazy to set up the stepstool, and of course the bottle slips out of my hand, tumbles down and bangs into a couple of shelves, and then smashes on the floor of the pantry. Spilling stinky red cooking wine and shattered glass all over the floor.

Keith was nice enough to help me clean up the mess.

Next time I will get the stepstool first and not store glass bottles on the top shelf.

It's actually raining today. One thing I don't like about this house is that it's so well insulated with the double pane windows and all that you can't hear the rain from inside and it's always a big surprise when you look outside and see wet yards and raindrops. I've always loved the sound of rain on the roof and really miss it. You can open a window to hear the rain but then you have to turn the heater on because it gets cold in here and then all the warm air goes out the window.

We went to the mall this week, someplace we go only once every few years since I'm not much of a shopper anymore and the mall is on the other side of town and is kind of a pain to get to so we just don't go. We went because we had a gift card for Red Robin that we got for Christmas and decided we'd finally use it to have lunch. Keith ordered some beers with his lunch, not realizing that they were over $5.00 each even though I tried to discourage buying any sort of liquor because they always charge a lot at restaurants, so our gift card and then some was quickly used up. The food was okay except his ribs were overcooked and tough, my salad was good, but at the prices they charge I don't think we'll be going there again any time soon. Unless someone gives us another gift card that is.

And that is all that is going on around here.

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