Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cats in the Sunshine and Laying on Pants

I've spent all day working on my Etsy shop, editing listings and figuring out the buy one get one thing. Out of curiosity after seeing other shops in the Etsy forums wondering why their sales dropped so much over last year, I went back to last year and compared sales. While I hardly got rich last year, my sales were decent, but this year they have dropped by over $500.00 a month in both January and February. Wow.

So, I'm hoping that people will buy more pins with the incentive of getting free ones and everything will even out in the long run. Maybe not, but it's either that or just give up entirely on the shop and then what would I do all day?

Anyway, it was a nice day today even though clouds are now moving in and there have been a very few drops of rain. We were able to have the windows open until our neighbor decided to use his leaf blower for what seemed like hours. I was ready to go get ours and have a let's see who can make the most noise contest. Then when he finally stopped with the leaf blower the dog behind us decided to yap for a few hours.

Bear found a perfectly sized square of sunshine in the bedroom.

Then Pepper came along to see what I was doing and to sniff Bear's private parts.

And then Mimi came along to see what Pepper was doing and Pepper snarled at her and then ran off.

Then Mimi decided she might as well share in Bears's sunshine.

Then later little Miss Must Sit on Everything found Keith's pants laying on the bed. Good spot for a nap.

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