Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cat Traps and Other Exciting Stuff

I didn't realize it's been almost a week since my last post, not because I've been so incredibly busy or anything, mostly because I don't have much to talk about. Then there is the whole Keith being at home all day and he wants to use the computer sometimes, too.

So, we still have two stray cats in the neighborhood that are the most annoying (at least according to Lucy and Genie) stray cats EVER. The big white cat has been around for at least three years and is the reason that I have to sit out front with Lucy while she eats because if big white stray hears the crunching of food, he comes running and eats her food. He also likes to spray on our front screen so that our porch always smells of boy cat pee. He has also figured out that there is sometimes food on the back porch and there has been many a morning and many an evening when I'll be walking through the house and see him eating away on the back porch.

Then, a few months ago, here comes a big black and white cat that is even bolder, he will go right into the shed in the backyard, using Genie's secret entrance to get in, looking for food or a warm place to sleep. Now that it's getting warmer, we've stopped leaving Genie's food in the shed so that hopefully this cat will stop going in there. We have an old cat stand under the roof on the side of the shed where Genie can sit and also use as a stepstool to get into the window, and one day Keith goes out there and finds black and white cat sound asleep on her cat stand.

The white cat and the black and white cat don't like each other, vying for territory, and yowling at each other. One night they even got into it in our front yard and I guess the black and white cat won because the yard was full of tufts of all white cat hair.

Anyway, we have been trying to trap these two pains in the asses and so far they are not desperate enough for food or are wary enough that they have not been caught. We did catch another cat, though, a big fluffy cat with one of those smashed in dumb looking faces who apparently actually belongs to someone down the street. He didn't act like the usual stray caught in the trap, hissing and spitting and jumping around, Keith said when he found the cat in the trap it gave the most pitiful little meow and didn't try to bite him when he stuck his finger in the cage, actually letting him touch it. Not a stray. We don't know how long the poor thing was stuck in there since the cage had been baited at night and it was now morning, but I have never seen a cat move SO FAST after the door was opened to free it.

I don't think that cat will come visiting this end of the street again anytime soon.

We had a beautiful day yesterday, warm enough to where it was getting stuffy in the house in the evening and we actually turned on the overhead fan in the living room. It took us a while to remember where we had stored the remote control for the fan to turn it on, though.  Today is supposed to be even better, with a taste of summer and 85 degrees by 4 pm. Nice!

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