Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cats on the Couch

Some days our couch seems to have become the world's largest cat bed, with no room left for humans. Many times I get up to do something, come back to sit, and my seat has been taken over by someone fluffy. Sometimes I will mark my spot with a throw pillow. You always have to look before you sit around here.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to sit and watch a little junky afternoon TV, Dr. Phil or whatever other drama I could find, and every cat in the house, with the exception of Pepper, was already on the couch. They did leave me one spot since Buddy was up on one of his favorite spots on the back of the couch.

Mimi was next to Bear, which is unusual since Mimi is not usually a couch cat, but Bear loves to sit next to you and get petted and petted and petted and petted because she loves to get petted and will bite you if you stop too soon.

You can just barely see Pepper over there in 'her' cat bed. She looks a little peeved that she is not on the couch, too. Nobody else dares to get into her bed.


Speaking of Dr. Phil and afternoon TV, the last few weeks before Keith went back to work, we were getting bored enough in the afternoons where we started watching him almost daily. I hadn't watched Dr. Phil in a long time and wondered when his show became one big commercial for his latest book. He had some guests on the show and spent more time talking about his book than 'helping' his guests work out whatever issues they had. If you just read my latest book your problems will all be solved! We were saying that you could make a drinking game out of Dr. Phil, taking a shot each time he mentioned the book, so we started to count, and came up with nine shots in one hour, with an extra shot for each time he mentioned that it was published by his son's new publishing house.

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