Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cleaning is Not All That Much Fun

But, it's got to be done. Unless you want to live like a total slob and make people feel sick and want to go home and take a shower after they've been in your house, that is.

It seems that daily life involves a great deal of maintenance, personal and household. Brush your teeth in the morning and if you don't clean up that glob of toothpaste in the sink it will harden into a cement like substance, not to mention that you will be grossed out by a nasty sink. I'm as guilty as the next person about not cleaning the bathroom sink as often as I should, but it does get cleaned at least once in a while. We spend a lot of time wiping up after ourselves and to make that wiping up a little more fun, I like to buy spray cleaners that smell good. I don't much care for your typical industrial smelling cleaners but would rather have something in an unusual scent that makes the chore of wiping up just a little more pleasant.

I found Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products at both Winco and Target (my favorite stores!) and while they don't carry every scent that the Mrs. makes, I did find a new scent at Target. Radish. Sounds weird, but the smell is really unique, kind of peppery and gardeny. I also got some of the radish hand soap, which makes washing your hands a little more interesting, too.

I found their website, which carries all kinds of stuff that you can buy directly from them, and after Keith gets his first paycheck and we get caught up on things, I think I'll treat myself to some of the scents that they don't carry at Target or Winco, like bluebell, rhubarb, parsley, and baby blossom. Yum.

In other news, Keith's job is going okay so far. He is already putting in overtime today and probably at least the rest of the week since they are so busy. He went in at 6 this morning and won't get off until 4:30, but the overtime pay will be a big plus. It's odd to have him come home and not be covered in sweat and totally worn out like he was at Savage, out there in the yard beating on railcars with sledgehammers and running a hot welder all day. He works inside a shop now, and they've even already talked about sending him out in the field. They seem to be happy with his work so far and since they had such a hard time finding a semi-qualified guy that could pass a drug test, I think they are happy to have him.

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Linda said...

I am super-pleased about the job, and hope that it turns out to be a good one, and the best choice he could have made. The short drive alone is a huge plus (she notes, after cutting her own car gas expenses by half since moving offices).