Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It seems like I can get way more done again now that Keith is back to work. I woke up way early yesterday, at 5:30, so I was able to help him get his lunch together and had the laundry started before the sun came up. Today I got back to normal and didn't wake up until my usual between 6 and 6:30. Now, if I had to get up and go to a job you can bet that I wouldn't wake up so early with no alarm clock. The start time at this new job is 7 am unless they are working overtime, so I get a chance to see Keith before he leaves, and he doesn't have to get on the road quite so early for a long drive. He actually gets home about 15 minutes after he leaves work, so that part is good. He's not all that thrilled with the job, it's rather boring work but as he says, he is way overpaid for what he is doing, so he will just suck it up and do the job.

I did some yard work yesterday and actually worked up a sweat. We had a really nice day here, warm but not too warm, just right. It's so strange to see all the news stories about the blizzards in the midwest and east, and then look outside here and see all the flowers in full bloom. Just one of the advantages of living in a desert, I guess.

Not that this has anything to do with anything else, but we were watching a news story about how small children sleep so deeply that they can't hear a smoke alarm going off. They went to a family's house and put cameras in the boys rooms and then set the alarm off and watched as the boys slept right through it and never heard a thing. The point of the story was what kind of sound would wake up a deeply sleeping child and how they were inventing a smoke alarm that parents could record their own voices telling the kids to get  up, but my idea was to record the sound of an ice cream truck, and I bet that would wake those kids up. ICE CREAM!

Also, this explains why parents get so frustrated trying to wake the kids up for school. They aren't being obstinate, they just can't hear you!

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