Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scaredy Cat and Other Cat Antics

Buddy just came tearing into the bedroom to hide himself under the bed covers because there was a big truck coming down the street and IT MUST BE A MONSTER! AGH! Such a pussy, he is.

The other night Mimi was staring at something on the floor by the sliding back door and when I investigated I found a small beetle type of bug that was totally fascinating her. I went to get a paper towel to scoop it up but it escaped under the entertainment center so she spent the next hour squeezing herself under there trying to find her bug. Which she probably would have eaten if she found it.

Buddy ate one of those big flappy mosquito eater bugs the other night. Yum.

Then I see Bear playing with what I think must be a small piece of food, knocking it around on the rug and kitchen floor. She doesn't play all that much anymore, so I let her have her fun and then later see a roly poly bug kind of dazedly crawling across the floor and realized that it was not food she was knocking around but rather a rolled up pillbug. Fun for all!

Well, Keith got his first paycheck yesterday, they get paid on the 1st and 15th which will take a little re-adjusting to since we are used to every other Friday and loved those months when there would be three paydays and the third check wouldn't have health insurance deducted so it would be a bigger check. He is having a hard time getting used to his new job, being inside a shop all day after the freedom of being outside by himself all day. The work is pretty much mind numbingly boring, so I told him to keep checking the railroad sites for job openings, there's no law that says he has to stay at this job for the rest of his life, this job that apparently nobody wants to do for the rest of their lives because they have a big turnover rate.


We drove down to Ventura for Easter dinner on Sunday and it actually rained on the way down and then again on the way home and we couldn't remember the last time we'd driven anywhere in the rain, rain being such a rare thing around here. The news is already talking about fire season coming early since the hills got so little rain. We did see some scenery on the way back home that you usually can't see because of the smog, the hills where Taft and Maricopa are with the sun setting behind them and all the lights coming on in the towns. Kind of pretty when you can actually see it!

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