Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I Learned This Week

First, if you are going to go on a cruise vacation, something that has never appealed to me because of the huge crowds of people involved and the fact that I get seasick easily, but if you are one of those people to whom a cruise sounds like the vacation of a lifetime, here are some things you should take along with you.

Survival rations. A backpack full of granola bars, water, and freeze dried food. A tent just in case you have to sleep out on the deck. Flashlights and extra batteries. Lots of hand sanitizer and wet wipes. And probably most importantly, a personal porta potty.

Seriously, besides the fact that I could never afford a cruise vacation despite my aversion to crowded places and riding around on boats in waves that make you sick, I don't think I'd ever ever go on a cruise after last weeks drama with all of those stranded passengers. And I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who watched all that and came to the same conclusion.

Another thing both of us learned this week is to take care of medical issues while you still have insurance. Keith has had a cyst on his eyelid that's been there for a long long time and as it's gotten bigger, it's been bothering him more and more. Well, he finally decided to do something about it and had eyelid surgery yesterday, eyelid surgery that wasn't cheap and probably would have been covered at least in part by the insurance that we no longer have.

We could have gotten Cobra coverage, but Cobra coverage was over $1000 a month and when you are only bringing in $1600 a month on unemployment, it's kind of out of the question. Duh.

Keith is having a garage sale this morning, instead of working on the laundry closet doors for the past week like he was supposed to have been doing (you guessed it, the kitchen is still not finished) he was cleaning out his tools and decided to unload all of the tools and junk that he hasn't used in years and years. My thinking has always been that if something hasn't been used in a few years and you kind of forgot you even had it, time to get rid of that stuff, and maybe even make a buck or two as a bonus.

Other than deciding not to go on a cruise anytime soon and sitting in doctor's offices yesterday, and Keith out in the driveway today, we are still boring.

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