Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's for Dinner?

I don't know but as I'm sitting here working on some stuff and glancing up at the computer from time to time, checking the latest Yahoo stories, this one leapt right out at me about the Pinnacles Monument being declared a National Park.

I don't think I've ever been to the Pinnacles but couldn't they have used a picture that wasn't quite so rude? The formation on the left hand side looks just like a, well, you know what it looks just like. Yikes! Pornography in our national parks!

Well, maybe they will get even more visitors to the park now that this picture is all over the internet!

Anyway, dinner.

It has been quite the disaster around here lately. I don't like to cook anyway and the recipes I've tried over the past week have all been absolutely horrible. I know a big part of it is me and the fact that I don't have the patience for cooking and am getting to where I just hate the thought of it, but we certainly can't afford to eat out every night, as appealing as that thought is right now. If I could eat all the carbs in pizza, I'd just stock the freezer with DiGiorno, but that really isn't an option. Every other frozen type food is just as bad, so many of them are pasta based and loaded with carbs, not to mention the sodium. I told Keith we might just start having tacos each and every night, because at least I can buy low carb tortillas. I'm sure we'd get awful sick of tacos after a while, but at least they come out edible.

I suggested that maybe Keith could cook dinner once in a while since he's not working right now, but that might be even worse than me cooking. He doesn't believe in recipes and makes some pretty disgusting looking stuff for his breakfast sometimes, mixing whatever is in the fridge with his eggs. Then he complains later about his stomach not feeling so good.

So, what to do? I don't know but here it is hours before it's time for dinner and I'm already dreading the thought of having to cook it.

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