Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Dubious Distinction for Bakersfield

Not only are we like in the top ten for the worst air quality in the country, we are also now the stupidest city in the country. Whoo hoo!

We have been ranked number one for illiteracy. Which doesn't surprise me at all, seeing as how every day I see people driving down the road who don't seem to be able to read the word STOP on a big red sign.

We are also the fattest city, as any trip to our local Walmart can attest to. Not that I should talk.

Why are we so fat and stupid? Some of our fatness is probably caused because it's not safe to go out and get any exercise, remember the illiterate drivers who can't read the stop signs? Then there are the neighborhoods where shootings happen on a daily basis, so best to just stay inside because not even your front yard is safe. The other part of the fatness could be the fact that fattening food is way cheaper than healthy food. Let's see, I paid $1.98 for a bunch of celery at Winco the other day but if I'd gone across the store to the frozen foods section I could have gotten a whole package of microwave burritos for the same $1.98 and really, which one tastes better? Then there are the numerous fast food 'restaurants' on every street where you can get fifty chicken nuggets complete with dipping sauce for five bucks.

Speaking of fast food, Keith had been wanting to try the new grilled fish sandwich from Carls' Jr, you know, the sandwich that the half naked model is eating while cavorting on the beach? The one that if the model actually ate the sandwich on a regular basis she wouldn't look quite so good half naked on the beach? The one that tricks men into thinking that if they ate that fish sandwich the model might give them that same look she is giving the sandwich?

Anyway, yesterday we drove over to Carl's so he could try the fish sandwich, he got one of those and I got a hamburger, and it was a big waste of money because I don't know what's happened to Carl's Jr. but their food has gotten really bad. Really. Bad. Yuck. Serves us right for eating fast food I guess.

Tomorrow Keith goes for his testing and hopefully an interview for the Union Pacific job, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that something good comes out of it. Like a good job. Hopefully.


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