Monday, February 11, 2013

Sleeping Late and The Subway Diet

Well, I guess my new bed works pretty darn well since I didn't wake up until 8am today. That's the latest I've slept in years, my body clock has been naturally waking me up between 6:30 and 7 for the past 5 years or so. I hope it doesn't become a habit, though, 8am seems somewhat decadent and kind of lazy now.

Keith has been trying to get back into some sort of shape in anticipation of the grueling strength tests that are part of the Union Pacific pre-employment physical that we are hoping he gets far enough in the hiring process to take. He has been doing calisthenics, a little jogging, and walking with me to drop off packages at the post office in Office Depot. So, I suggested we do the Jared Subway diet, where if you want to eat, you have to walk to Subway to do so. We have two Subways nearby, each about the same distance from the house. We walked up to one of them on Saturday for lunch, ate sandwiches but didn't eat chips, not even the baked Lays that Jared likes, and by the time we got back home felt like we had gotten in a pretty decent workout. We saw one of our neighborhood dogs out running around outside of the neighborhood on the way. She is the big wolf looking husky that had been running the streets every day for weeks but would not come to us to be taken home. Our neighbor next door figured out where she lives while he was out walking his dogs one day, and the owner says she just keeps getting out of the yard, jumping the fence while they are away at work, and having a great time exploring. She was over by the Goodwill and the bank down the road, just having a wonderful time! She even managed to root out a stray cat and run it up a tree while we were walking along. I just hope she found her way back home again.

When we were moving furniture around in anticipation of my new bed, we had put the old mattress out in the living room and within minutes we had cats exploring, like hey, we have a trampoline in the living room! Then Keith put the drawer to the old computer desk out there and before long Mimi was sitting in the drawer.

The other day she got a piece of paper out of the trash, pulled it out into the living room, and spent the next few hours sitting on her piece of paper. She is the sittingest on stuff cat I've ever seen.

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Mom said...

She must be related to Colleen, who loves to be in paper bags or small boxes, or to tear up paper. They do all have their weird quirks, don't they?