Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Bed and Vacuuming is Fun!

As you may or may not know, I've been sleeping in the front room on a twin bed for quite a while now, an experiment we tried to see if we both slept better away from each other's snoring and tossing and turning and such, and yes, we sleep MUCH better now. But, recently I had been waking up about 4 am with my arm totally numb and hurting. I researched causes and of course you always find the horrible diagnoses, your arm is getting ready to fall off or you have some weird disease, but the reason that made the most sense was that your circulation is getting cut off from having your arm under your body or in a weird position or whatever.

So, last week Keith suggested trading beds for the night to see if the narrow bed with the hard mattress was causing the arm numbness and pain, and yes, it was. He had the worst night's sleep ever trying to get comfortable in that little bed with the hard hard mattress, and I in the big bed did not wake up at 4 am with a numb painful arm.

He said forget the cost, we are getting a new bed with a better mattress. So, we did. We shopped around and found one that we liked with a free box spring, free delivery, and free removal of the old mattress. We had to move things around to make room for the bed in the front bedroom since instead of a narrow little twin we went with the full size mattress, what they used to call a double bed before the inventions of queen and king sized beds.

We put the workbench back in the big bedroom and put the computer on it, thereby getting rid of the crappy pressboard computer desk and the big desk chair. I had always wanted the computer in the same room where I worked so that everything is right there in the same place, easy to keep an eye on any computer happenings, hopefully a sale or two.

Long story short, I slept much much better the last two nights and no numb arms.

I've also vacuumed almost every day since we got the new vacuum and it is so much lighter and easier to use than the old one and it AMAZES me how much cat hair is in the rug every day that the old vacuum never seemed to pick up. It's almost fun now. Almost.

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