Friday, February 1, 2013

Fortune Cookie

The other day we were running some errands and Keith was hungry so we stopped by one of those fast food Chinese places that I won't eat at because I just don't find Chinese food all that appetizing when it's served out of steam tables, actually I don't find Chinese food appetizing regardless of how it's served. I'm always wondering exactly where on the animal the little pieces of fried up meats come from and I am not real big on vegetables, especially long stringy ones like bean sprouts, so the only time I ever eat Chinese food is lemon chicken from the one fast food Chinese place that cooks to order. Which isn't very often.

Anyway, Keith got a fortune cookie along with his chow mein or whatever it was he ordered, and the fortune said that he may get good news soon. Well, the fortune cookies always say something along those lines so I didn't pay much attention to his fortune cookie fortune.

And then the very next day he gets a recorded phone call, a phone call that he almost hung up on because it took forever for the recording to start, but a recorded phone call from Union Pacific that he is invited to come to their next recruiting session and to check his email for further instructions. And that was good news, indeed!

He applied for a bridge builder/welder position back in December and then just kind of figured that he would never hear from them or be rejected, so he was incredibly excited that he may have a chance at the job. He goes to a day long session at one of the local hotels on February 20th to take tests and if he passes those, then on to interviews or whatever they have planned. If it is anything like the BNSF hiring process, it's long and involves a lot of waiting while decisions are made, and then if he passes the first part of the process, on to physicals and hearing tests and drug tests and all that.

Then, yesterday, one day after getting the invite from Union Pacific, he gets a phone call from Volt Temp Services about a resume he had posted on CalJobs a few months ago. They are looking to fill an oilfield pump mechanics position and really liked all his qualifications, so today he is going down to talk to them. He told the girl that he can't take a job just yet, he is waiting to see what happens with Union Pacific, but would still come down to see about this job and if they can wait a month or so for him to see if he is available for it or not.

Then, he gets a phone call minutes later from another temp agency about the same position, and then another phone call from a company that he had submitted an application to about a mechanics job, but after hearing that it is a pretty specialized truck mechanic position, had to tell them that he really wasn't qualified for that. They did tell him to check their website for other positions that he might be qualified for, though.

So, after three months of not hearing anything from anybody except that we aren't hiring now, it didn't just start raining, but pouring!

We are hoping that this is a good sign and that good things will come from the Union Pacific thing, because that is the job that he really really wants.

So, keep your fingers crossed for Keith!


Jennifer said...

wow, i wish Jeremy would get some phone calls like that.

Mom said...

All fingers crossed (though it does make for lots of typos!) Good for Keith to get some replies, and hope the best fit for him works out very soon.