Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Give a Cat a Pill

You don't.

Cats are way craftier than dogs, you can't just hide a pill in a piece of cheese and expect them to wolf it down the way a dog would. You've got to hold the cat's jaws open and risk life and limb trying to shove that pill down their throat. Fun times!

We went to Petco yesterday to get tapeworm tabs, which of course Petco was out of stock on. However, the array of dog toys that Petco carries kind of makes me want to get a dog just to buy the cute toys. They had an entire section of picnic inspired toys, with plush ketchup and mustard bottles, a squeaky beer bottle, a basket of puppy fried chicken with plush chicken legs in it, slices of watermelon and other fruits, and I just wanted a dog to give these toys to. But, I resisted.

Since Petco didn't have the pet meds, we went to a new pet store next to Trader Joe's, a rather expensive gourmet/organic pet store for the Trader Joe type clientele, and hopefully this new independently owned pet store will do okay in that location. They did have the tapeworm tabs in stock, along with all kinds of other remedies and vitamins, etc. for your furry friends. I don't think we'll be shopping there on a regular basis, though, since we are the shop at Walmart for the cheapest cat food type pet owner.

We tried crushing one of the expensive pills and putting it in Buddy's food to see if that would work, but even I'll eat anything Buddy wouldn't go for it. So, crush the pills, put in a syringe with a tiny bit of water, and shove the now liquid pill down their throats. They weren't too happy about that experience, but they all got treated and hopefully will no longer have tapeworms.

And that was the highlight of our day yesterday. Again, fun times!

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