Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

A few weeks ago I wrote about trapping the big white cat that had been such a nuisance, spraying his extremely strong scent all over our front porch and eating Lucy's food every chance he got. We had to trick him into entering the trap by putting food further and further inside it each day until BAM he got caught and taken to the pound where I'm sure he was dispatched to the big litter box in the sky within a few days. He was quite feral after all.

We thought that there was just one other big white cat left on the street and hadn't seen a whole lot of him so figured he found another source of food somewhere, but a week or so ago, here comes a big gray striped tabby cat spraying his extremely strong scent all over our front porch and eating Lucy's food. Where he came from we don't know, but he needed to go.

So, this morning I fed Lucy before it was even light outside then set the trap and within 30 minutes there he was in the trap, very very angry about the whole situation and banging around trying to get out. I covered the trap up with a blanket, which calms the cat a little bit, and then we had to wait about 4 hours before the pound would even be open to take him over there.

We both feel bad about trapping these poor strays, but if we don't, they will find a nice young female stray and then we'll have even more stray cats stealing Lucy's food.

I'm really hoping some other new stray doesn't show up, it seems like we get rid of one and two more take its place.

In other fun happenings around here, we got a new vacuum cleaner. Whoo hoo! We really did need one, the old one that we've had for quite a few years just wasn't working very well and one of the wheels fell off, so it was getting harder and harder to push around the house. While walking through Walmart the other day I saw a Bissell for less than $45.00 with the good whirlpool sucking action thing and a washable filter so you wouldn't have to keep buying filters for it like our old one. Or, as in our case, instead of buying a new filter, Keith would use his air compressor to blow all the dirt out of it every few months.

Well, the $45.00 was incredibly well worth it, I had just vacuumed the floors in the morning with the old vacuum cleaner, and when I tried out the new one, I could not believe how much more cat hair and stuff it sucked out of our supposedly somewhat clean carpet. So much stuff that the dirt cup was full before I was halfway done.

 So, taking a stray cat to the pound and vacuuming the floors and actually getting them clean have been the highlights of our week so far. Just too much fun around here!

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Mom said...

Glad you caught the cat so easily.
Also glad you found a good vacuum at a low price. Even gladder that I don't have to shove one around any more, with my nice Merry Maids who come twice a month and do anything I ask of them (and a lot better than I could, for sure!)