Saturday, January 26, 2013


Among other not so exciting things, it has actually been raining on and off for the past few days here. Much needed rain, and the wettest it's been in a long time, the wettest it's been this whole 'rainy' season. Rain is unusual here in what is basically a desert, so any rain we do get makes national headlines. It's not a lot of rain, just an inch or so, but it's enough to throw the entire worm population into panic and making them migrate to higher ground.

Like by our front door and under the garage door.

I went to open the garage door for Lucy yesterday morning for her to decide if she wanted to go out into the wet wild outdoors and as I'm opening the door and raising it up the worms that were trying to squeeze under the door are hanging on to the bottom of the door and then falling off. GROSS!! ACK!! EEWWWW!!

I don't like worms.

And, speaking of worms, it appears that some or all of our cats have tapeworm again. Bigger ACK!! and EWWWW!!

I did find that you can buy tapeworm pills without a prescription now, so at least we don't have to take them to the vet that we can't afford for the pills. A shot would probably be better, but for 5 cats, those shots and vet visits would add up to way more than we can afford at the moment, so pills it is. We will have to starve the cats and then crush the pills up into their food in the hopes that they will eat the medicine. Either that or attempt to shove the pills down their throats.

Cats aren't like dogs where you can hide the pill in a treat and they will swallow it down without a second thought, cats are naturally more suspicious of your motives and a little less trusting of a sudden treat.

So, worms.

What else is new? Keith is gone today for the second half of a class that may help him in his job search, who knows. He was on the internet looking at jobs again the other day, and there are some out there if you can live on $8-$12 an hour. Not.

So, still boring around here except for the worms.

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