Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Even More Boring

Than usual.

It's been extra dull around here lately. To the point where I am actually watching morning news shows for something to do. We haven't been going anywhere to save on gas, not that there is really anywhere to go, but at this point even a drive across town sounds good just to get out of the house. Except that we are trying to save on gas, so we aren't driving across town just for the heck of it.

The kitchen is still not finished. Surprise, surprise. I did ask Keith if he thought it might be done by the end of this week, hint hint, and he did get some more work done on it, but there are still the doors to be painted and hung and the back of the door to the garage to be painted, and it's already Wednesday and he has a class on Friday, so I guess I'd better not hold my breath in anticipation.

It's frustrating at how long it takes him to do something, he's a bit (well, actually a LOT) of a perfectionist and that is part why it takes him forever to finish a project. Plus, he gets easily distracted or bored with it, and then there you go, off to something else or a nap on the couch.

He is getting a little worried about job prospects, everyone he has talked to says they are not hiring right now. He did a lot of job searches on the computer yesterday and found one with the school district that paid a lot for an all around maintenance type person, but the job was at the community college in Ridgecrest. I didn't even know there was a college in Ridgecrest, which if you don't know where that is think desert. Desolate desert, the town is by China Lake out in the Mojave and is a long long long drive from Bakersfield. Way too long to consider commuting and who the heck wants to move to Ridgecrest anyway? If you think Bakersfield is a sucky place to live, Ridgecrest would be even worse. Except that the air is probably cleaner since the wind blows all the time there.

Anyway, very boring around here and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with all of our spare time. Yesterday I cleaned most of the house and then read a book on the couch. I've read a lot of books recently.

Mimi is doing her sit upon thing again this morning. This towel was on the counter from last night, where I had put the cat bowls to dry, and if it is there, she will sit on it.

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