Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Does This Look

Comfortable to you?

No? Mimi doesn't seem to mind her strange position, I guess it's worth it for the sun shining in on her belly. She is so very sound asleep.

This morning we drove downtown to get some cinnamon rolls. Not just any cinnamon rolls, but cinnamon rolls from Hodel's, which is a buffet type restaurant that is extremely popular in this town for the down home country style food and the all you can eat aspect of the whole thing. We've tried it a few times, but trying to eat low carb is difficult when you are faced with things like mashed potatoes and cornbread and muffins and chicken fried steak and more mashed potatoes. We weren't disappointed in the place, the decor is very comfortable, kind of like being in someone's house, with different rooms and real tables, not cafeteria tables, and the food that we did eat was okay, but it is not someplace we would make a habit out of going to. When I'm faced with an all you can eat buffet, I do tend to stuff myself. Gotta get your money's worth, after all.

Anyway, we had heard on the news that they were doing a benefit for Alzheimer's from 5 to 10 am with a donation of $10.00 or more getting you a six pack of Hodel's cinnamon rolls, which I imagine are quite tasty, so we decided to drive over to the KGET studios downtown and get us some cinnamon rolls.

Well, we should have gotten there at 5 am instead of 9, because by the time we arrived, the cinnamon rolls were all sold out. SO DISAPPOINTING because my mouth and stomach were all set for a cinnamon roll and I was very hungry, not having eaten any breakfast yet in anticipation. We still gave them the donation, although I was tempted to then go over to Hodel's and demand my cinnamon rolls.

They promised to have more cinnamon rolls next year, this being the first year they have done this fund raiser and weren't sure what kind of response they would get, so unless we go over to Hodel's and get some rolls, we'll just have to get there a bit earlier next year.


Linda said...

Totally relaxed, wasn't she! I wish we had a south-facing window we could put the cat tree in, too. My bedroom window gets more sun than any other, which is why the single bed is still in there in the window alcove... that's the cats' morning sun lounging place.

Mom said...

I keep coming back for a good laugh over her perch. Seems to me Old Cat and the others also found some odd spots to curl up, too, but this looks about the least really comfy one!