Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Do Something Today?

That you can put off until tomorrow?

I'm incredibly guilty of this, right now the bathroom cleaners and rags have been sitting on the sink since maybe Thursday and I still haven't cleaned. I did clean the entire rest of the house yesterday and shampooed the carpets last week, but the bathrooms are still patiently waiting. Because there is always tomorrow, right?

Like Keith this morning. He is on his way to his appointment with Career Services Center to see what all they might be able to do for him in the way of classes or help with job searches or whatever, and he had some paperwork that needed to be filled out to take with him. Paperwork that he has had for three weeks now. Paperwork that he waited until 30 minutes before it was time to leave to fill out. Paperwork that he could have filled out three. weeks. ago.

He hasn't been entirely idle these past weeks, though, there was that whole water heater ordeal that lasted four days, and then after installing the water heater he started cleaning out the garage. Which hasn't been cleaned out since, well I don't know since when, but probably not since we've lived here. He got so frustrated with having to climb over all of his junk and move things out of the way to get the water heater done that he decided enough was enough. He even threw some of it away. He is kind of a pack rat, keeping any magazine he's ever read and every piece of wood that might someday be useful for a project, and the usual buckets of nuts and bolts and little pieces of assorted hardware. We've never been able to park our car in the garage. I'm always amazed at people who do park their cars in their garages, because isn't a garage just a place to keep all of your junk?

The indoor projects are of course not done, you know, the ones that weren't done a year ago, the ones that weren't done two years ago, the ones that probably still won't be done a year from now, but he did finish part of his outdoor projects, like extending the roof on the edge of the shed so that there is room for the barbecues and bikes and junk under the roof where they won't get wet. But the gate he started to build is still not done. Oh, well, at least he isn't spending too much time sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching Jerry Springer.

Speaking of TV, I treated myself to the box set of the show Boss with Kelsey Grammer or however you spell his name. It was on sale for $13.00 and was well worth it. Lots of political intrigue and deviousness and Kelsey sure plays a good bad guy. If  you haven't seen it, do.

And that is about all that is going on around here.

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