Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It Must Be An Old Lady Thing

Unless menopause lasts for about five years, it must be a thing about getting old where one day you are freezing cold and the next you are drenched in sweat. Because it's not the weather doing it.

Yesterday I just could not get warm enough. Granted, it was chilly outside, but not like forty below or anything, just our normal temps for this time of year of low 60s. My hands were freezing cold and I had socks and slippers on and a warm shirt on and long pants, but I just could not get warm. Today I'm looking for a t-shirt to change into. Because I am hot and sweaty.


I've been craving the fudge covered Oreo cookies that they bring out at holiday time each year. If you have never had a fudge covered Oreo cookie then I feel sorry for you because they are the most DELICIOUS COOKIES EVER and you don't know what you are missing. However, this year I have not been able to find any. I did see some white chocolate fudge covered Oreos but was holding out for the regular chocolate chocolate fudge ones and should have just bought the white chocolate when I saw them because I can't find any at all now, white OR chocolate. I am on a quest, people! I need my fudge covered Oreo goodness for Christmas! Not that I am supposed to be eating fudge covered Oreos but it's only once a year so who cares?

I did get some fudge covered Ritz crackers, which sounds weird but is actually quite good. And while good, they just weren't the equivalent of a fudge covered Oreo. Just didn't quite satisfy in the same way.

We do finally have hot water even if we don't have fudge covered Oreos. It was a silly connection that had come loose somewhere in the shipping and handling of the water heater, a connection that is covered with a plastic sleeve put on at the factory so you can't see that it is not connected. The plumber that came and fixed it had just been at another house where they bought the exact same model water heater because their water heater had also burst on that Friday, and their connection had also come loose. Fancy that.

After we had hot water again we were watching the news about the hurricane and how a month later people are just now being allowed to come and sift through what is left of their houses, and trying to repair ruined walls and floors if their house is actually still standing, and we looked at each other and the whole no hot water for a few days got put right into the proper perspective. We are very lucky that it was just a water heater and we were able to afford to replace it and not much damage was done.

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