Sunday, December 9, 2012

Still Boring

I don't know exactly what we have been doing all week, but whatever it was the week sure went by fast. It's been hard finding time to blog since Keith is home all day and I don't want to talk about him too much in case he is listening.

He went to his appointment at Career Services Center and got some ideas and could have been put to work that day except he'd kind of like to get out of welding if possible. They do offer to pay a company partial wages during a training period if the employee is going into a new field of work. He is looking into a safety company down the road from us but they aren't going to be hiring until January if at all. He's also looking into a railcar repair service that took over one of Savage's contracts but again, no hiring until January. And then there is the issue of how much these companies pay. His caseworker asked him what his requirements were as far as pay, and he needs pretty close to what he was making before. So, despite him getting restless and out of sorts and ready to go back to work, he needs to wait just a little bit longer.

He has been working on cleaning out the garage and prepared the framing for the door he wants to put into the side of the garage so you can go in and out without having to go through the house. He has the door but will wait until spring to install it since it would be stupid to cut a hole in the side of the house this time of year. I've been nagging him to mow the yard since I'm sure our neighbors are starting to wonder if we went hillbilly on them and decided to let the weeds take over and stop watering so everything dies. It looks bad right now and I'm kind of embarrassed, especially since new people moved in next door (the lesbian animal hoarders house) and they seem kind of normal and kind of clean and they are probably wondering about us and hoping they didn't move in next door to bums.

Buddy has been extra mean to the other cats this week, he gets real cranky when the cat door into the garage is blocked off and he knows Keith is out there. It drives him nuts because there must be something REALLY FUN going on out there and he wasn't invited.

I've been working on shop stuff in between trying to keep the house clean while someone else is wandering around in it. But, I haven't gotten too annoyed at having him around all day, and except for the nagging part, it's been going okay. I am really glad I don't have to make his next day lunches each night, though. 

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