Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some Pancakes and Stuff

Keith messed up on the paperwork that you have to fill out and send back to the unemployment people so they sent a new form which we didn't realize was a duplicate of the previous form that needed to be filled out correctly in order to get paid until after we mailed it back and I happened to look at the stub he left lying on the counter. So, I'm guessing he doesn't get his last two weeks pay until the next payment cycle because it's not on his debit card or in our bank account. Or maybe it's just a plot on unemployment's part to avoid paying people. You'll get a notice every two weeks that you are an idiot and can't fill out your form correctly so you can just suck it. It makes me wonder what the people who have no other income and no money in the bank do if they make any mistakes. Suck it even harder I guess and start selling off their plasma so they can buy some groceries. Maybe I should double check his paperwork before he sends it back. I already have to nag him to fill it out, might as well look it over.

Last Sunday night I was trying to think of what to fix for dinner and was craving some breakfast for dinner so I suggested going over to IHOP, thinking it would be about the same price as going to the grocery store and buying ingredients for dinner and even though I am not supposed to eat them, pancakes sounded really good. They sounded good to Keith, too, so off we went to have some pancakes and eggs.

I ordered off their special seasonal menu, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, with your choice of strawberry cheesecake pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, or carrot cake pancakes. CARROT CAKE PANCAKES? I AM SO THERE! And the best part was that it was only $6.99!

Of course, Keith orders the most expensive breakfast on the menu, t-bone steak and eggs at $12.99 and then upgraded to the chocolate chip pancakes for another $1.29 and then decided that along with his regular drink he wanted one of their fancy new coffee drinks for another $2.99 or so and got a mocha latte. He does always manage to find the more expensive menu items, not content with the $6.99 specials like I am.

But, let me tell you, if you are craving pancakes, go over to IHOP and get some carrot cake pancakes before they are all gone, because they are DELICIOUS! Bad for you and not low carb, but hey, it's the holiday season and who cares about diets until after New Year's and they are THE MOST DELICIOUS PANCAKES I HAVE EVER EATEN.


PussDaddy said...

Hey geelizzie. Sorry about all your troubles. But your shop sure is looking cute.


Linda said...

You could salve your carb conscience by regarding the carrot pancakes as a vegetable...!