Friday, December 14, 2012

So Saddened

By the news coverage that we are watching of the school shooting in Connecticut. We hear horrible news every day, people shot in malls and killed in wars, but today's news just particularly saddens and horrifies me as I'm sure it does everyone else watching the story unfold right now.

Because it involves small, very small children. Innocent little kindergarten children that got up this morning and ate their breakfast and washed their faces and got their little backpacks and lunch boxes and went off to a day of coloring and story time and riding tricycles on the playground. Mom and Dad sent their little boy or girl off to the exciting world of kindergarten with a kiss and a hug and now they won't ever be able to kiss or hug that child again. I'm just devastated thinking about those parents.

Maybe the world is coming to an end after all.

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