Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weird Cats

While I love all of my cats, there are times (like when I am cleaning the cat boxes each and every morning and each and every night) that I wish we did not have quite so many of them, or maybe none at all. But, then who would climb up beside me on the couch to be petted?

It is a bit much sometimes, though, with one cat in the front yard, one cat in the back yard, neither of whom like each other and won't share the same yard, and five of them indoors pooping and peeing. Last night we had to put Lucy in the garage because there was a stray dog running around that was scaring her and barking at her. The dog didn't seem dangerous, it was a beautiful wolf looking husky type dog with blue eyes and a light coat, but it really did look like a wolf and was rather large and when Lucy tried to run up the tree to get away from it, there was already one of the stray cats that comes around to eat her food up in her tree. So, she froze at the bottom of the tree not knowing which way to go. Stray cat danger or dog danger? What do you do?

The strays are getting bolder and bolder what with no more cats and food next door, and every time I feed Lucy I have to sit by her so she can eat without a stray chasing her off. They are big tomcats and she is a little afraid of them, although I did see her take a swipe at one of them the other day. One of them is getting so very bold or so very hungry that he snuck around behind me while I was sitting on the porch to eat her food. While she was eating it and while I was sitting right there. They also come to the back door where we sometimes feed Genie and stare in at us before we run them off.

We have tried to trap them but they know something is up and won't go in the trap no matter how hungry they are.

Harri is her usual timid scared spooked at everything self and it doesn't help that Buddy chases her every chance he gets. She sits under our little end table (actually a budget tv tray table that I got because Keith never did make the end tables that he was going to make and bought wood for) apparently feeling a little safer with a little sort of cage around her.

Keith finally got Genie to go into the shed when it is cold or raining through the window on the side instead of us having to leave the door open. She has an outdoor stand under the overhang carport type thing on the side of the shed that is tall enough to where she just has to jump in the window and onto a ramp that he built and then onto a big shelf where she has a box with a blanket inside it to cozy up in. We keep some dry food in there for her and hope that the strays don't get smart enough to figure all that out. She is not the brightest cat in the world so we are glad she finally got the going in the window thing through her head.

This morning the sun actually came out and I found her curled up in one of our flower pots that doesn't have a flower in it because it died. Apparently the dirt was warm from the sun? Who knows, but there she was in the flower pot.

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Mom said...

Genie may not be very bright, but she's rather pretty. Poor wee Harri, having to hide under that little table. And double-poor Lucy being chased and scared by stray cats and a huge dog!