Sunday, November 25, 2012

Starting to Stink Around Here

Keith is on his way to Home Depot to (finally!) buy the water heater. He ran out of time yesterday because, as with most home projects around here, the preparation for installation took way longer than expected. He was replacing the drywall behind where the water heater sits and had to build a new stand for it, and then a neighbor came over and talked and talked and talked, then he got a phone call from an old coworker who he hadn't talked to in about 10 years, and talked and talked and what are the odds of that timing anyway? Again, when it rains, it pours. The neighbor that came down the street is one that he has never really spoken with before but was asking his advice about his own home improvement needs and so there went a few hours with neighbors and old coworkers interrupting the progress.

So, no hot showers for us last night and as one who is used to washing her hair every night during the summer and every other night during the winter, my hair feels NASTY. I was planning on washing it the night the water heater burst and hadn't washed it the night before, so it's just GROSS! Uck.

I did take a sink bath last night, warming up the water on the stove, and again, how did those people do it before indoor plumbing and water heaters? I guess they didn't know any different and if everyone stunk, they probably didn't notice that after a while, kind of like people with a lot of cats (us!) who buy cheap cat litter (not us! we buy the good odor control stuff) and don't notice the smell because they are so used to it. But anyone walking into their house sure notices it!

Anyway, hopefully we will both be able to take showers tonight and that will feel wonderful and we won't take that water heater for granted any more but be thankful every day to whoever invented such a modern marvel!

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