Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?

I'm fully expecting the car to break down next. When it rains it pours and all that.

Yesterday Keith was shopping for a new router tool thing, going from Orchard Supply where they were advertising Black Friday half off tool specials, to Lowe's and then to Home Depot, comparing prices and seeing if the routers offered were what he was looking for. He had seen one a few months ago that was on special because it was discontinued and he thought about buying it and then thought about how he was going to be laid off, thought about it some more, and then decided he really couldn't justify the purchase. So, okay we will wait on that for awhile.

Then the computer broke and these days you really need a computer to job search so instead of going without a computer, we got a new one.

Then right after the layoff, my tooth went bad and it's a good thing we had some available credit on our bank card and some money in savings.

Then, yesterday, after Keith went comparison shopping for routers and once again decided he really couldn't see spending the money on one even if it was half off, he hears a weird noise in the garage and goes out only to find that our water heater has burst.

SON OF A $%&^*!!!


So, he was in the garage from about 4pm until midnight last night, moving wet stuff out of the garage and finding that the water heater had probably been leaking for a while because the wood on the walls and thing it stands on was totally ruined and moldy. The water heater is now laying in the yard and he is doing whatever he needs to do before he goes and gets a new one to install. And thank the powers that be that he knows how to do that kind of stuff otherwise we'd probably be staying in a motel for a few days so we can take a shower while waiting for a weekday to call a plumber so you don't get charged twice as much for an emergency call.

So, I have been heating up water on the stove to wash the dishes because dirty dishes all around the kitchen DRIVE ME CRAZY! and it's slow going when you are heating up dishwater on the stove. It got me thinking about what people did back before there was such a thing as a water heater, and to take a bath you'd be heating up buckets of water on a wood stove, and what a pain in the ass that would be and no wonder people only took baths on Saturday night, and can you imagine how STINKY people must have been back then?

Anyway, I'm not going to be at all surprised when the car breaks down within the next month or two. Not at all.

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Mom said...

Remember if the car breaks down, you can use my second's got a new battery and new tires and is still going strong.
I'm on my second water heater replacement here. They do only last so many years, it seems.