Monday, November 26, 2012

Rolling My Eyes

Yesterday I went over to Target to get a few things and as I'm walking into the store there is a young mother with two cute little girls, the smaller one sitting in the baby seat in the cart and the older one, around two years old, is sitting on the front of the cart under the basket. You know, the part of the cart where you would put big bags of dog food, etc. Not meant for small children.

So, as I'm walking past I'm thinking that here is a disaster in the making and sure enough, the mom says to the daughter 'Are you ready?' and then starts to push the cart. The toddler sitting on the front of the cart predictably falls forward as the cart starts to move and the mom is still pushing while running over her child with the cart. Child predictably starts to scream and mom is all apologetic about running over her daughter and I am biting my tongue to keep from saying something like ARE YOU A TOTAL IDIOT?!?

Funny, she didn't LOOK stupid, and we weren't in Walmart where you EXPECT stupid parents to shop while letting their children ride carts in unsafe ways.


We still don't have hot water. Keith got everything done after having to buy longer pipes and such, and the water heater was all hooked up and ready to go with the gas turned back on and the bastard wouldn't light. He was so frustrated and so exhausted and SO DIRTY because he hasn't been able to take a shower that he almost completely lost his mind last night.

They give you an 800 number to call if you can't get the thing to light and of course they are not open on Sunday nights, so after a long wait on the phone this morning, he finally talked to someone who walked him through the lighting process again and of course it still didn't light so now they have to send a technician over to fix it because apparently this model of water heater passes the factory testing but then doesn't always work when installed. Of COURSE we buy the water heater that is defective. We ALWAYS end up buying the defective products. We should be USED to it by now.

I told him to take the receipt back to Home Depot and talk to the manager and make him aware that they are selling defective products and if we don't get some kind of discount back on the thing we will rip it back out and deposit at their return desk. Which he is about ready to do regardless.

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Jennifer said...

Thats one of the reasons why I refuse to go to the Walmart in Oxnard. Parents do not control their kids and let them run wild through the store, hitting people with shopping carts and then crying when they get hurt.