Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Thing We Had A Movie To Watch

Last night.

I did watch some of the election coverage because that WAS ALL THAT WAS ON and while I do care somewhat who is elected, how they can make an entire evening out of it I don't know. BORING! But I am glad that Obama won and we don't all have to become Mormons and stop drinking coffee now.

I had not been feeling well lately (more on that later) and we had watched the Most Wondrous Marigold Hotel or whatever it's called movie on Monday night (great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it by the way) and so had to take the movie back to the Red Box and decided to get a few more and spend the afternoon on the couch. So, we watched The Iron Lady, which was excellent, then watched some election coverage, then put on the newest Sherlock Holmes movie, which we also enjoyed except that I was getting sleepy towards the end because it was getting late (9:30 pm!) and I'm old and have to go to bed with the chickens these days, and Keith actually fell asleep. Good movie, though. The $1.29 per movie was well worth it. Then after that a little more election coverage and now we were both even sleepier so it was bedtime at 10pm.

Anyway, I haven't been feeling all that well for the past 5 days because something went all wrong in my digestive area again and I absolutely could not go to the bathroom and my stomach was hurting. Bad. I've been drinking Metamucil 3 times a day for years now, to keep things going and to also help with my cholesterol, so I don't know if it's because we haven't been eating quite as healthily lately or if it was the large amounts of candy corn I had consumed. Actually, it wasn't candy corn but Indian Corn, a bag of which I had gotten at walmart in the sale pile for 50c. Indian corn is a little different than the regular candy corn, the tail end of the corn is chocolate. I do wonder how they can still call it Indian Corn in these days of political correctedness, you'd think they would have renamed it Native American Corn a long time ago. But, it is delicious regardless even if it might be constipating.

I had forgotten that I used to drink Plum Smart juice, a lighter more tasty prune juice type product, being made from the plums before they are turned into prunes, and quite good for the old digestive tract. Keith reminded me about it so I got a big bottle of the less sugar version of Plum Smart, a box of probiotic pills to start taking on a regular basis (and those things are EXPENSIVE!) and some Miralax, and something worked because after 5 days of misery I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! As the little Charmin Bear might say, everything came out okay in the end.

Today Keith is going to remember that he needs to be at the Career Services Center at 9:30 and see what they have to offer and hopefully the paperwork that he needs to file for unemployment will come in today's mail. It is strange having him here all day but it's also nice not to have to fix him his work lunches each night. A little vacation for me, too.

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Mom said...

Glad the plum juice helped....not fun to have the innards acting up.
I also watched some of the election return stuff, mostly PBS with a switch to other channels occasionally. I, too, am glad Obama won. Shouldn't judge a man by his appearance, but that smarmy half-smile of Romney's, along with Ryan's extremism, turned me off (I just felt they weren't being very truthful about their big plans, for one thing.) Nice to have it all over...until someone declares far too early for the next time!!