Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garden Pests and Other Stuff

So, the first week of Keith being home is starting out okay and I haven't nagged him to death yet. Yesterday he started learning to type with Mavis Beacon, the best learning to type program there is and well worth the price. He spent about 2 hours on the computer and got up to 3 words a minute!

He was supposed to go downtown to the Career Services Center this morning for orientation and to find out what exactly they have to offer for the unemployed, but did not hear me when I told him more than once that orientation was at 9:30. I had ridden the bike over to drop off some packages and pick up a few things at the store and he was still at home when I got back and here it was 9:30 and he is all dressed but nowhere to go since he DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME! Sigh.

So, tomorrow he will go and we will see if he remembers that he needs to be there at 9:30.

We have had a potted sweet potato vine in our backyard for quite some time, and it was doing really well and putting out some pretty purple flowers and then overnight all the leaves disappeared so we wondered if we had been forgetting to water it and it was starting to die. We gave it some water and slowly the leaves have been starting to come back and it put out a new flower, but still didn't look all that healthy. Well, yesterday Keith found out why.

This incredibly creepy looking caterpillar that was about 2 inches long has been eating all of the leaves.

Joe had stopped by for a visit so he looked up what kind of caterpillar this is on his handy dandy IPhone and it is a horned tomato worm or something like that and will eventually turn into a big brown moth. But not this one, because Keith cut the little branch off and put the caterpillar in the middle of the street for any bird passing by to find. Or if a bird didn't find it a car would and run it over. Yes, we are cruel but I really don't want this thing eating my entire sweet potato vine.

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