Thursday, November 8, 2012

Career Services Center and an Obama Burrito

Yesterday, Keith made it down to the Career Service Center on time for the orientation and got some helpful information along with the forms that Savage was supposed to mail to him (that still haven't come) to fill out to get his benefits started. They do offer some good career paths and training, with classes in the usual welding etc. but also training and classes in the green energy jobs. He will go back in early December for a one on one counseling session where they will go through his skills and suggest training and all that stuff. They also offer resume services, and classes in how to interview. He was told that he could be put to work right away in welding or truck driving, but he's not going to grab the first thing that comes along in the hopes that some better suggestions will come at his meeting. He also went by a new railcar service company and was told to give them a call in early January when they will be hiring again, and this morning met a guy at the gas station that works for a safety and recovery company who told him to bring by a resume.

So, he's not feeling quite so discouraged and if worse comes to worse, could go to work as a welder just about anywhere. Or a truck driver since they have such a hard time finding drivers who can pass drug tests. At a much lower pay rate than he's used to of course. Welders sound like they should make a good wage, but in reality they don't, some companies pay not much more than minimum wage for welders.

Or he could easily become a truck driver since they have such a hard time finding drivers who can pass drug tests around here and there are always lots of companies looking for drug free drivers.

Today, he got all his forms filled out and instead of us mailing them or faxing, I noticed that the Center will fax them for you, so I suggested taking them back down there where they could be looked over to make sure there were no errors or information missed. So, we did, me going along for the ride just to get out of the house for a while. The woman at the desk was very nice and did look everything over for him, so maybe in a month or so we will get his first check.

On our ride over, we saw a taco stand with a big sign out front for Romney VS Obama burritos, and a burrito sounded good, so after we went to the Center, we stopped back by for lunch. I got the Obama burrito, which was grilled chicken, rice, beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and sour cream. The Romney burrito had a few different things in it, more spicy which didn't really make sense to me since he is so blah and white bread and all, but the Obama burrito was tasty and for $4.99 an affordable lunch. Keith got the street taco combo plate which included a drink for $4.99, not bad at all for lunch. Oh, and my Obama burrito was actually enough for two people to eat, it was huge! If anyone is driving down California Blvd in Bakersfield and wants an Obama or Romney burrito, it's on the corner at Chester Ave and I think it was called Tacos Frescos. Or just look for the Romney VS Obama sign. Although it wasn't that good that you would want to drive all the way to Bakersfield for it, so never mind.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

Sounds like he will find something relatively quickly!