Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Boring Weekend Brought To You By The Borings

We actually got a little bit of rain over the weekend and along with the rain came a little bit warmer temps, warm enough to open a few windows and get some fresh air in here. Our winter came overnight this year, like it does most years, you'll be in your shirtsleeves one day and the next you'll be pulling out all the musty smelling sweaters that have been stored in drawers since last winter.

After Keith's first weeks of unemployment where he was working on his backyard projects and keeping busy, it kind of sunk in that he is out of work and he was very lazy over the weekend and was complaining about being bored. He says if this is what retirement is like, no money to go and do anything or take a road trip, he's not sure if he ever wants to retire. That is if he is able to find a new job to retire from some day.

I picked up a couple of movies from the Red Box on Saturday, thinking that since he was already lazy we could watch one in the afternoon and then one in the evening. We watched Bernie with Jack Black in the afternoon, and what a good movie that was! Jack Black was excellent playing the part of the funeral director who then gets involved with an rich elderly widow who takes him on trips around the world even though we all suspect that he is a little light in the loafers, and then he shoots her and puts her body in the deep freezer and goes on as usual, spending her money for months and months. But, not spending it on himself, rather giving it to people in need and helping the church build a new wing. He finally gets caught when suspicions start to rise about where the old lady is, and they find her body in the deep freeze, where he has put her until he can give her a proper funeral. Sounds morbid, but the movie was very well done, kind of funny, and a great performance from the usual slapstick Jack Black.

Then we watched The Grey with Liam Neeson and all I can say is BORING! I was rooting for the wolves to just go ahead and eat everybody. Nuff said about that movie.

Last night we watched Ken Burns' The Dust Bowl on PBS, and if you have never seen one of Ken Burns' movies, get one and watch it! Every one I've ever seen has been absolutely excellent. The Dust Bowl movie is particularly compelling, what with the weird dust bowl type weather we've been having, with droughts and sand storms going through Phoenix this past summer, and the economy still being rather depressed. There are lots of interviews with people who were children during that time, and the one man who was talking about his older sister, his best friend, who died from dust pneumonia was heartbreaking. The movie gives the history of the area and the reasons that the whole ecological disaster happened. Tonight is the second part and it looks like it will go into the great migration from the area. Definitely watch this or get it on DVD from the PBS store online.

Other than that, nothing much else is going on except that we caught the last of the 3 kittens from next door and now only have one cat that is still hanging around looking for food. It's a big siamese type cat, he has been around for a few years now and used to have a cohort he hung around with but I haven't seen that one for a while now. The mama cat hasn't been seen lately so I'm hoping she has moved on to greener pastures before she has another litter of kittens. We put the trap out for the big siamese this morning, he always waits for me to go back inside after feeding Lucy and then comes up by the door looking for her leftovers. He sniffed around the trap but is a little too leery of getting inside so we may never be able to catch him.

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