Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yeah, Thanks, Whatever

Ho Ho Ho! Oh, wait, that's next month, right? Today it is Gobble! Gobble!

Not that we are going to be doing all that much gobbling. We are thankful that we don't have to drive anywhere today and we are thankful that Keith got his confirmation from unemployment that yes, he qualifies and will be getting benefits. No check yet, but hopefully soon. Since he is not spending $75 a week driving back and forth to work nor are we buying groceries and snacks for him to take to work, it should be manageable. Although him being at home all day is starting to wear on my patience and today I nagged him about putting on his pants already. The other day he was in his underwear until noon.

Our not so big feast today is going to be a frozen turkey breast with stuffing from Trader Joe's, some already made mashed sweet potatoes from Save Mart, and a frozen apple crisp with vanilla ice cream from Vons. There might be a veg or two that appears alongside that, but then again, maybe not. I am thankful that I don't really have to cook today.

I did clean the entire house while nagging Keith about his pants, and did start some laundry. Thanksgiving does have its traditions after all!

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