Friday, November 16, 2012

Poetic Justice?

So, we have been on a quest to trap all of the stray cats that have become such a nuisance, coming around our house looking for food now that the cat hoarding feed all the strays in the neighborhood lesbians next door have moved out. Besides their own 8 or 9 cats, they had started feeding one pregnant stray a year or so ago who then gave birth in their garage. They did tame those kittens, giving a couple away and keeping the little black cat who always slept in our backyard, but then allowed another pregnant stray to give birth in their garage (they always left the door propped open so that their cats could come and go) but they didn't tame this litter, so along with their numerous cats now had a feral mama and her 3 kids coming and going. When they moved, the kittens who are now like 8 months old and a couple of their cats were left behind. Keith asked what they were going to do about the kittens, them being such big animal lovers and all, and the response was I don't know what to do about them, I can't take them with me. So, being such big animal lovers and all, we're just going to leave them here to starve.

They came back a few times trying to get the calico cat who bit and scratched when they tried to shove her into a pet carrier, trying to catch her by putting food into a trap and then standing next to it. We did catch the calico in our trap, we had fed her a few times but let her get really hungry overnight, and in she went. We took her to the shelter, explaining that she did belong to somebody.

Well, when Keith caught a second one of the kittens a few days later, he walks into the shelter office to fill out the paperwork and who is standing at the counter coming to get her calico but lesbian Lisa. Keith asked her if they still have her cat and she looked at him and started yelling about the $135.00 it was costing her to get her cat back. Ha! Serves you right you stupid $&#@!

Let's see, $135 minus the food we fed your cat, minus the gas and time making 3 round trips (so far) to the shelter with your cats, minus the time spent standing in line at the shelter 3 times so far, and minus the $150 spent fixing the fence that your dog tore apart, and you know, I think we are even.

He caught another cat this morning, so today will be trip number 4.

We've also got 2 more strays running around that I've never seen before that come around at night looking for food, and I'm wondering if someone is just dropping them off in our neighborhood now. So, we still have about 4 more cats to go.

Maybe someday I won't have to sit out front guarding Lucy from the strays while she eats. There are two big white bruisers that she will just sit and watch eat her food because she's a bit afraid of them, and they really need to go but seem to be a little too smart to go into the trap. If I don't sit outside with her she never gets to eat.

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