Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When The President Came to Town

I knew about the president coming to Bakersfield but kind of forgot until Monday morning when I turned on the TV to watch the Today show while taking product pictures and instead of the Today show I saw the airport. President Obama was flying in to Meadows Field to then drive up to the mountains near Tehachapi to dedicate the Cesar Chavez National Monument. Kind of exciting to have the President of the United States coming to town if you ask me. Even if I didn't get to see him in person because you had to get on a visitor's list and then drive up to Tehachapi and then get on a bus to go back to Keene where the monument is. And also where the Keene Cafe (EAT!) is.

It really is a beautiful spot, but I'm wondering what Barack was thinking while driving through Bakersfield on his way to Keene, probably a big YUCK what an ugly city.

Anyway, I turned on the TV and the reporter is talking about waiting for Air Force One to land and there are secret service guys and sheriff cars and policemen and dogs and about 75 people who were invited to see the President land. I had no idea and had never thought about it, but a cargo plane is sent first that carries all of the cars and the Presidential limousine and I'm guessing all of the secret service guys. It lands ahead of Air Force One and then they get all the cars and limousines and people off and they get everything ready for the President.

The plane landed, and it is HUGE, and then the stairs were brought to the plane and the limousine pulled up and then a man came out of the plane and stood at the top of the stairs for a while, and then I'm assuming that the President had to freshen up a bit first because it took him a long time to come to the door and walk down the stairs. He did go over to the waiting people and shook hands. All we could see of that were the backs of people's heads and lots of cell phones held up to take pictures.

The last two picture are of the motorcade leaving, and that's a lot of cars there!

Now, when I drive to Tehachapi I always have to stop at Murray Family Farms at the bottom of the mountains to go to the bathroom, so of course I started to wonder what happens if the President has to make a pit stop on his way to somewhere. Do they ever stop at a gas station to use the restrooms and if so, do the secret service agents have to block off the whole gas station so the President can pee, or does he just hold it until they get where they are going? Or not drink anything in anticipation of a long drive? And if they do stop at a gas station, does the gas station then get to put up a plaque in the restroom commemorating the event?

Also, I got to thinking about how Presidents and people like that have to travel all the time and do they suffer from traveler's constipation like I do? I don't travel well and can't go to the bathroom and end up with a stomachache. Maybe that is why Barack didn't do so well in the debate, he was constipated.

I also got to thinking about the few thousand people waiting for hours and hours at the memorial site, and did they have plenty of porta potties for them? And does the President have a special presidential porta potty that follows him around the country in the cargo plane? 

This is what people with weak bladders think about, every time we go anywhere I have my pee stops planned out well in advance, and if I'm going somewhere new and I don't know where the next pee stop is, it is a little anxiety inducing and then of course I have to pee even more.

Anyway, it was kind of exciting to have the President come to town even if I did have to watch it all on TV.

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