Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucy in the Sky

It was maybe supposed to rain yesterday. RAIN! It didn't rain here in town but apparently it poured up in the mountains, complete with thunder and lightning. Keith said it rained a little and he heard thunder up in Wasco but nothing here. Except some clouds.

And a Lucy on the roof.

She was actually up on the roof tormenting the cat from next door who was trying to climb up over the fence.

Keith was at work the other day and saw the future of his job. He was all alone in the yard, the other few workers who are left were off doing whatever they do or had already gone home, and it was deserted and quiet. A dust devil came blowing across the dirt, picking up trash and dust and blowing it around, and then up in the sky Keith sees a buzzard circling above the yard. Then another buzzard joins the first, and then another. So he is standing in a deserted dusty yard with buzzards circling overhead. Very appropriate.

We are preparing for the end, having turned off the Blockbuster by mail service which doesn't cost a lot but we can just rent from Red Box if we really want to see a movie. We got our latest rounds of meds all filled and told the pharmacy that we would soon lose our insurance, so we had the automatic refills on those turned off so that we aren't having prescriptions filled until we absolutely need them. Fortunately we shouldn't have to use the air conditioner again until next summer, so our electric bills will be much more manageable, and since he won't be driving to Wasco every day, we won't be spending hundreds on gas each month. I'm stocking up on food this month and filling up the freezer. I'm just afraid he is going to drive me crazy being home all day, though! He does have numerous projects that need to be finished, so I'm hoping he doesn't get distracted by daytime TV and actually spends his unemployed time getting all of those done. And finding a new job, of course.

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